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We’re Sinead & Adam, two farmers who started their growing in London and now we’ve gone rural as we embark on a new journey with Aweside Farm. 

We'd be growing on a small patch of land in East London as Audacious Veg, producing edible flowers, specialty leaves, foraging and heritage vegetables for some amazing chefs and restaurants across London. Our time on our patch of land came to an end in 2019 and it was time to find ourselves some permanent roots.

With the growth and interest in sustainable farming and food, we started to ask ourselves what that really meant and whether ‘sustainable’ was enough. The answer was no, sustainability alone, acted merely as pause or slow down to the depletion and degradation happening day by day. 

We decided we wanted to take our growing further and dedicate our lives and work to a piece of land that we could love, nurture and most importantly to us, regenerate. We wanted to try our hands at attempting to fix the broken, through agroecological and regenerative farming practices.


I've always loved the outdoors, and I particularly loved the ground growing up, peculiar, I know. It's not often people really care about what's going on beneath our feet but there's a fascinating world down there. 

I loved it so much I first started working in geology, it let me work outdoors and with the ground; perfect! I was always in awe of how we could take raw elements and turn them into the things around us, but the circularity always felt missing, surely we could create but also replace?

That's where a love for growing plants and farming came about, it was like magic, You could take a seed, and it will transform into this beautiful plant that can be so many things, but you can also give back to the system through so many ways and the most fascinating I find is through giving back through nurturing the soil and amazing hidden world right beneath our feet.
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I love nature, there's a sense of freedom that comes with being outside, watching and observing everything around me. The birds tweeting and flying about, the rustling of the trees, the rich smells coming from plants, the ever changing skies as clouds come and go, there is always something awe inspiring going on.

Becoming detached from natural systems is something that is all too familiar, and that detachment has placed huge stress on our environment and wildlife. Yet we continue to overlook what's going on and look the other way.  

That's why I farm, because it's an incredible way to make a change and to regenerate ecosystems that have been failed by us and to nurture them back into good health.