I won’t lie, I’m pretty shocked we’re here, with produce! Sounds strange for a farm to say, but honestly, starting here has been a never ending mountainous climb and I just wasn’t really sure whether we’d be producing anything this year or not.

We moved here months ago, officially in March but we’d been coming back and from London and Essex since January. We had storm after storm, so much flooding, then heatwaves, no water, never ending 50mph winds, its been all the elements in their extremes.

We decided back in March that we would focus on building the farm this, following the lockdown announcement. That basically wiped out our plans and markets for this year, restaurants and florists, and with the lack of water and that work being halted and having just moved here, the sensible thing to do was just get this place setup instead of trying to do too much in one go!

But plants grow! and we’ve entered August and have a bounty on our hands and it’s seemed like a good time to start getting some orders out for the small selection of things we had growing! You’ll find a range of things on our online shop as we’re now setup for posting edible flowers too! So have a look and get in touch if anything takes your fancy!