Light and fluffy, cornflowers are a delightful and colourful addition to the plate.

We have a range of beautiful colours and punnets will come as a mixed of colours or we can pick a specific colour pallette, just let us know in the notes section of your order.

We’d been doing all sorts with cornflowers such as using the petals on cakes, frozen in ice cubes and crystallising them too!

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If you require your produce for a specific date, you will be able to specify this on the checkout page. We ask for at least 2 days notice i.e. if you want something for a Thursday, please order by Monday so we can book in your delivery with the courier. More information can be found on our Delivery FAQs page.

Where possible we will package produce loose, but in some cases we’ll need to use protective punnets to send delicate items in the post. If you’re picking up from our farm or a restaurant client, we can use paper packaging/loose in place of plastic punnets and arrange a return scheme.

If you’re a restaurant or shop looking for repeat deliveries at a larger scale, get in touch with us. We have a separate courier for London and East Sussex restaurant deliveries. For requests outside of those areas, we will post via our website service.