What’s growing at Aweside Farm

Our organic and regenerative farm puts nature at it’s heart. We celebrate the amazing diversity that lies within our natural world and grow a range of produce  like edible flowers, cut flowers, veg and herbs on our 4.5 acre patch of land that we call home.

What’s going on at Aweside Farm

Seasonal Pickle with Edible Flowers

Quickle! We're calling it quickle because its basically a pickle, but just really quick to make. It's a super handy little dish to get together on the day when you've got an abundance of things that need using.  The quickle is fresh and cuts nicely and cleanly with a...

Our First Harvest!

I won't lie, I'm pretty shocked we're here, with produce! Sounds strange for a farm to say, but honestly, starting here has been a never ending mountainous climb and I just wasn't really sure whether we'd be producing anything this year or not. We moved here months...

Leek & Courgette Pasta with Garlic Flowers, Oxalis & Lemon Thyme

Sometimes the best food is the simple stuff! Let the produce talk! Pasta, leeks and courgettes sautéed in butter, shredded kale thrown in and then topped off with our seasonal edible flowers and greens, garlic flowers, oxalis leaves, lemon thyme and a dash of salt,...

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