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Organic Pressed Edible Leaves - Amaranth Fronds

Organic Pressed Edible Leaves - Amaranth Fronds

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Organic Pressed Edible Flowers & Leaves are a timeless moment, captured and pressed ready for you to turn into a a beautiful creation.

These Amaranth Flames create an incredible warming and fun visual element to designs with their flame like structure. They'll add a fiery touch of excitement to your pressed edible flower cakes, bakes and treats!

Whether it's a wedding cake or a birthday treat, our Organic Pressed Edible Flowers add a touch of floral elegance that's sure to impress both the eyes and the taste buds. Enrich your baking experience with the grace of nature.

Colour - Green 

Number - 10 Flames

Size - 5cm - 10cm Can be cut to size and side leaves pulled off for more intricate designs

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